The use of natural materials is a trend this days. By Kinta we love to work with natural materials. Nature is always a great inspiration for us, by designing new products. A time ago when we visit our partner in Hanoi, we saw this mat light grey clay.  Immediately we thought it is beautiful and fits perfect with our existing tableware collection. We are very happy that we can introduce our new line to you this season, because it always take some time to develop a new collection.


Tung and Viêt, our partners, lead a ceramic pottery in Vietnam. The pottery existed for more than eight generations, there is a lot of knowledge in-house. All products are handmade and made fair. When we develop a new collection we aways ask Tung and Viêt for advice. They have a lot of knowledge about the materials and the production process.


All our ceramic tableware is designed by Kinta. We always start with the drawings, after that Tung and Viêt make the molds. It is so exciting to receive the first pictures of the shapes. We look at the designs in a detailed way and fine-tune where necessary. This takes some time, the shape must be absolutely perfect. After that Tung and Viêt make samples in different materials and colors, we have choosen.


We thought it is very beautiful to make the cylinder shaped Kinta cups in the mat light grey clay. The natural mat outside feels silky smooth and has a refined character. Perfect for a cup with and without ear, to drink your tea or coffee. The glossy inside gives the cups an exclusive character. For our new collection we choose our favorite colors mustard and celadon. We also choose for a grey and black glossy inside, perfect matching in our Rising Moon theme this autumn (read more about the Rising Moon theme in our next blog). Honestly, we also find the colors together very beautiful.


But what is a beautiful teacup without a matching teapot? So we also developed a teapot in the mat light grey clay, a natural beauty. The teapot comes in two sizes, large (950 ml) and extra large (1350ml). The teapot is easy to use and an eyecatcher on your table with the modern shape.


When the samples are ready (and we have made our choice), the production always take some time. Every product is handcrafted with great care. In the pottery work a lot of nearby farmers when farming is less busy. Production therefore does not always go fast, especially around the harvest time. Our ceramic tableaccessories are therefor very unique (no mass production), because we do not order in large quantities.


Now it’s time to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea in our new cups. Plenty of choice for an espresso, cappuccino or teacup. No worries afterwards, because the cups and teapots are all dishwasher safe 😉





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