tea pot XL cer cyl 1350ml white 14.5cm

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A beautiful white teapot from Kinta for the tea lover. With a content of 1350ml, it serves upto 5-6 larges teacups. The body has a glossy glaze and a mat lid. It is a functional teapot with a strainer in the spout and a small lip in the lid to secure it while pouring.

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We are proud of our ceramics collection Cyl, handmade in Vietnam, designed by Kinta and ‘fair trade’. It is functional, it is stoneware, it is cylinder shaped and it is a perfect match to our wooden products. We offer tea pots and tea cups, espresso and cappuccino cups, plates, water jars, bowls and canisters. It is a modern design, combining matt with shiny accents. The collection will be available in several colours. The ceramic is made in a pottery in Hanoi, run by the eighth generation of the family. The ceramist uses local resources en mixes the (non-toxic) colours himself. These food safe products are baked at high temperatures which make them dishwasher and microwave safe.



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