No child labour (or forced labour or discrimination)

Kinta continuously checks that the production of her products does not involve  child labour or forced labour or any form for discrimination. To ensure this we establish binding agreements with our suppliers.

Fair payment

On a basis of mutual respect Kinta strives for decent wages and good working conditions for the employees of our producers. This is a principle which is checked regularly by us.

Longterm partnership

Kinta does business directly with producers, without intermediaries. We work with a select number of family businesses who are willing to work according to the principles of Fair Trade.

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The production process and the work conditions are continuously monitored to see if they can be improved. We support this process by means of training and advice. Sustainability is a principle that also applies to the relations with our suppliers. This is not just a thought from faraway Holland. We visit all our producers several times a year.

Sustainable wood

The acacia wood that Kinta uses is sustainable wood. The trees grows fast, it reaches its maximum length in around sixteen years. For every tree that is harvested a new tree is planted. Planting an acacia tree is regarded as an investment,in between 15 and 20 years it will yield a profit when the wood is sold.

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The government, thru the department of Forestry, manages the stock of trees by issuing licences for harvesters and transporters (=dealers) and permits for harvesting specific trees and their transport. The dealer will be ordered to plant siblings on a government deignated plot regularly.

Gmelina, just as acacia, is not indigenous to the Philippines, but grows well on plantations. Again the planting, harvesting and processing of the trees is certified and controlled by the government.


We at Kinta are very concerned that the continuity of the management of our producers is guaranteed. A certain basis of financial security is essential. That is the reason why we always prefinance large productions.

Oil if dry

If the varnish is worn off, you can wipe the product from time to time with a cloth dipped in a little walnut or salad oil. Do not expose the wood to direct sunlight or store near heating units. This prevents dehydration.

Handwash only

Wash in lukewarm water with a little bit of soap. Do not put into the dishwasher.

Food safe

This product is food-safe.

Dishwasher proof

You can clean this product using the dishwasher.

Microwaveoven proof

This product can be used in the microwave.

Use high quality wax & avoid debris in wax

Attention: Be aware of tea light of an inferior wax quality, and/or debris, like remains of matches in the melted wax, may cause the melted wax to burn, resulting in damage to the votive and to the surface its standing on.

Don’t burn the candle all way down

Attention: Do not burn the candle all the way down. Extinguish the flame before its too close to the candleholder, otherwise the varnish or the paint might peel off. Extinguish the candle about one cm before it reaches the candleholders aluminium cup.

Place on a heat resistant surface

Be sure that the candle holder is placed on a stable, heat-resistant surface. This prevents damage to the surface.